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Amazon To Relaunch Its Vinyl Store


Have a hankering for the good old days of vinyl? Do you long for the days when albums sounded big and fat? Well, check this out. The online retail giant Amazon has relaunched its vinyl store; good news huh? Well, even better news is that to celebrate, it is giving free vinyl for 13 days and winners will randomly be chosen from all eligible entries.record sq

From now until Nov 4th, Amazon is giving away a vinyl a day. The rules of this giveaway state you must be 18 or older to enter and unfortunately for everyone outside of the U.S. this competition doesn’t apply.

Yesterday’s album of choice (Oct. 26) was the excellent Miles Davis album Kind of Blue.

Being the huge company it is, Amazon has the flexibility to offer much more in the way of specials. Earlier this summer, the online giant touched on the resurgence of vinyl and audiophiles by offering a buy one get one free deal on vinyl.

Staying with the nostalgia theme, Amazon then announced a range of exclusive vinyl reissues.

As vinyl sales continue to rise, one can see why Amazon would want a piece of the action. Whilst CD sales have slowly, but surely declined over the last 10 years, vinyl has had somewhat of a renaissance even to the point that some major artists have reissued earlier albums and newer artists have chosen to release their music exclusively via wax.

So, why not enter? It’s free, just head on over to the Amazon Website and enter to win. We’re not sure of how many entries will win a day but hey, you never know unless you try right?


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