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Blink-182 Release New Single “Blame It on My Youth”


The wait is now over. We’ve been waiting for new music from Blink-182 for what seems like an age, we wait no more. The band has just released their brand spanking new single called “Blame It on My Youth”. If this is anything to go by, the band’s highly anticipated new album will be a cracker.

The new single has an anthemic almost bouncy feel to it, and lyrically it has Blink-182 reminiscing about where it all started, their modest childhoods and how the three of them came to start a band. With lyrics like: “I wasn’t born with the rich blood/ I started out with plenty of nothing at all,” and “I got stuck in the thick mud/ The flash flood, punk rock, and the alcohol,” you get a sense that the band are embracing where and what they came from.

Don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself below:


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