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Bring Me the Horizon Cancel the Rest of Their Tour Dates


Oli Sykes, front-man for the band Bring Me the Horizon had ruptured one of his vocal chords and has was forced to cancel the final two dates of the band’s First Love Tour.

The news was broke via social media with Sykes saying: “Hey everyone, I’m gutted to announce we have to cancel the remainder of our American tour. I’ve ruptured my right vocal chord, and I’ve been told if I don’t rest it immediately, I’m in serious danger of doing permanent damage. “

He continued: “I’ve been trying my best to fulfill our commitments as I really hate letting you guys down, not to mention these shows have been literally the most fun ever – but at this point me singing would be the equivalent of a footballer running on a broken leg.. once again I’m so sorry, I hope you all understand.”


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