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The Cure Back in the Studio


It’s going to be a big summer for tours and festivals, and 80’s and 90’s bands will be sharing in the fun and of course, the money.

Enter stage left, 80’s heavyweights The Cure. They have announced that they will be curating and playing at the 25th annual Meltdown Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. In the past, previous curators have been David Bowie, and Morrissey, and this year the festival will be held at the Southbank Centre from June 15th to June 24th

Robert Smith

Robert Smith announced that on the headlining night of the festival, the show will be called “CURÆTION-25,” and is set to include, as Smith put it, “interpretations of Cure songs” featuring “different configurations of people on stage.”

The set is to including members from the band as it is now, as well as a solo set by Smith himself. As well as talking about the gig, Smith has also shed some light on what the band thought they’d be doing to mark the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary, saying: “What shall we do? Go back to Crawley, where it all started? Play in the pub where we did our first show as the Cure? Or should we go mega, play a show in every capital city in the world?”

Other good news for fans of the Cure is that the band has booked time in the studio next month to start demoing a new batch of songs. It seems that smith was inspired after being given the opportunity to curate the Meltdown Festival, and promptly booked the studio to get in and start working on new idea’s.

Smith said: “It’s the 40th anniversary of the first album in 2019,” he added. “I thought, if I don’t have something out new that year, that’s it for me. I don’t think the Cure will ever release another album.”

As well as playing Meltdown, Smith will also play a two-hour 40th anniversary set in London’s Hyde Park on July 7th.

As for all you Cure fans out there, we’ve got our fingers crossed that Smith and the boys can get the tracks written and recorded in time to debut new music over the summer.


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