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Dickey Betts Cancels Tour Due to a Stroke


Dickey Betts, the former Allman Brothers Band guitar player has had to cancel his upcoming short tour just to him suffering a stroke.

The mini tour which was to kick off today (August 28th) in Syracuse, New York, was canceled on the advice of doctors treating Betts. A statement posted on the guitarists website outlined the fact that he had suffered a “mild stroke”, but did not pin down as to when it actually happened.

It said: “Yesterday, after describing to his physician’s certain post-stroke repercussions, he was strongly advised to give himself more time to recuperate,” said the statement. “Doctors have assured Betts that after three to five weeks he will be 100 percent recovered and can resume his touring schedule.”

His manager David Spero wrote: “Dickey really regrets that he can’t be there for his fans,” adding: “but he has to take care of his health first.”

Betts played for the Allman Brothers Band on three separate stints, the first between 1969 and 1976. He the rejoined the band in 1978 full time, and once again for the bands reunion in 1989. Betts’ last ever gig with the band was in 2000.

Betts is one of only two surviving members of the original Band, the other is drummer/percussionist Jaimoe Johanson.

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