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Duff McKagan Announces ‘Tenderness’ Album and Tour Dates


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has released another song from his upcoming solo album, Tenderness.

Tenderness will be released May 31, and you can pre-order the album here. In a press release, McKagan explained the impetus behind “Chip Away,” saying its earnest, acoustic sound was driven somewhat by the idea of conflict.

‘Chip Away’ is somewhat of a rail against cable news and divisive agendas…all for the almighty dollar,” he said. “The song also highlights the fact that history repeats itself over and over, and that we will all get past this, together.”

Last month, McKagan unveiled the upcoming album’s title track after revealing that Southern rocker Shooter Jennings would produce the effort. In May, McKagan will play two solo shows backed by Jennings’ band.

Duff McKagan, Tenderness track listing

“It’s Not Too Late”
“Wasted Heart”
“Falling Down”
“Last September”
“Chip Away”
“Cold Outside”
“Breaking Rocks”
“Don’t Look Behind You”


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