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Elbow Release New Single ‘Empires.’


Elbow have released a brand new single from their soon to be released album ‘Giants Of All Sizes’ called ‘Empires.’

This will be the band’s eighth album and is set for release on October 11thof this year. ‘Empires’ is the follow up to the first track released from the album ‘Dexter & Sinister’ which was released earlier this month.

The band’s producer and keyboardist Craig Potter talked about how Elbow’s recording location affected their new albums sound, saying: “We thought the studio would give us inner-city vibes but we were on the edge of Hamburg which meant we spent more time in Clouds Hill [Studios] rather than exploring,” adding: “With time to spare, we sat around and played together in a way we haven’t for a long time and experimented and improvised with the music which led to the looser feel you hear on ‘Empires’”.

Check out the video for ‘Empires’ below:


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