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Eric Singer Hospitalized: A Complete Hoax


Talk about fake news. Yesterday saw a rumor quickly spread that Kiss drummer Eric Singer was hospitalized due to blood clots after their recent Cleveland show, this according to Loudwire.

KISS, however, have come out and refuted the rumors via their individual social media platforms. Also, Three Sides Of The Coin, a KISS podcast show, revealed that the rumor was actually stated via a fake account on Facebook. Eric Singer himself actually addressed the Facebook post via his own personal account saying that the post in question came from a closed group called “KISS End Of The Road Tour.”

He wrote: “Evidently there are people who think it is cool/funny to have ‘fake’ Facebook accounts and play pretend,” adding: “I am fine and just played Cleveland (hometown) last night… Just to clarify any Hoaxes started today regarding ME.”


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