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Finally, A New Album From Tool


There’s big news from theTool camp. The band’s frontman Maynard James Keenan kicked off the new year by sharing on social media that the band has now completed recording their long-awaited and very much anticipated new studio album.

Fans of the band have waited for years to a follow up to the band’s 2006 album “10,000 Days,” and as you can imagine, fans of the band the world over are ecstatic. During last year, a few members of the band started releasing updates via social media, but it has now been confirmed by Keenan that the recording is done and dusted and the album is now in the process of being mixed.

Keenan wrote: “Update- Final vocals tracked MONTHS ago. Then U.S.-UK-Euro run w #APC. If Tool all inst are tracked, long process of Mixing now. Meanwhile write/film/track w @puscifer for #puscifer2020 & troll the band FBs with wine posts. #funnysh*t #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking”.

We can’t wait to hear the results…..


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