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Former Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Becomes Police Officer


Here’s a story with a twist. Jeremy Spencer, the former Five Finger Death Punch drummer has just been sworn in as a law enforcement officer. He stepped down from his drumming duties from the band last year citing injuries and surgeries brought on by drumming as his reason for leaving the band.

The band has found a new drummer, and for Spencer, a new career. He announced via social that he is now a reserve police officer in Rockport, IN, and was sworn in by the city‚ Äôs mayor. At the moment Spencer lives in Las Vegas, but as a youngster grew up in a neighboring town to Rockport.

Spencer wrote: ÄúIt‚Äôs an honor to be able to come back to this area when I can and serve the community as a reserve police officer and help out my brothers,‚Äù

Good luck to you Jeremy and stay safe out there.


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