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Foster The People Announce New Album


American indie rockers Foster The People have announced that they will be releasing a brand new album titled ‘Sacred Hearts Club’. The album will be the band’s first full studio release since 2014, and follows recent EP ‘III’.

Foster The People are one of the most popular band’s on the US indie scene, and have enjoyed worldwide success since releasing their break out record ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ in 2010. The band release their most recent album ‘Supermodel’ back in 2014. The record peaked at number three on the Billboard 200, and was supported by the massive singles ‘Coming of Age’, ‘Psuedologia Fantastica’, ‘Best Friend’, and ‘Are You What You Want To Be’.

Back in April, Foster The People announced that they would be embarking on a huge world tour this coming summer. Shortly after the announcement the band released a new EP titled ‘III’. They have now confirmed that they have completed their third studio album ‘Sacred Hearts Club’, which is set to be released on July 21 via Columbia Records.

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The band recently shared a short trailer promoting the upcoming record. In the trailer frontman Mark Foster opens up about the thematic content of the album, explaining: “With this record, it’s like I felt like every morning I woke up, you know, and I would look at the headlines in the news, and there was just something catastrophic that happened… I felt like on this record I really just wanted to make something joyful.”

Here is the full tracklist for ‘Sacred Hearts Club’:

1. ‘Pay The Man’
2. ‘Doing It For The Money’
3. ‘Sit Next To Me’
4. ‘SHC’
5. ‘I Love My Friends’
6. ‘Orange Dream’
7. ‘Static Space Lover’
8. ‘Lotus Eater’
9. ‘Time To Get Closer’
10. ‘Loyal Like Sid & Nancy’
11. ‘Harden The Paint’
12. ‘III’

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