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Frances Bean Cobain Reaches Out To Sean Lennon


It has to be tough following in the footsteps of someone as iconic as John Lennon, especially if you’re his son and look just like him. Well, Sean Lennon recently addressed one of the aspects of being a famous singer’s son when he put up a post on Instagram talking about the haters who accuse him of desperately trying to look like his father by the way he styles and dresses himself.

Well, Sean has a kindred spirit in Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love‘s daughter Frances Bean. She sent Sean a personal message of support after reading Sean’s post, he wrote: It’s funny, but I promise I don’t ‘try’ to look like my parents, it just happens. Especially when I dress cool because they had epic style, so it is often unintentionally evocative. Which glasses do y’all prefer on me?”

Frances Bean responded to Sean’s post with the following: “You look wonderful! I do the same thing re sunglasses, I try not to wear those friggin oval frames often, but i when i do, i know they look good on mah face, so, what can we do. Embrace the similarities and celebrate the differences, i suppose!“


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