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Gene Simmons Releases An Ultra Box Set of 150 Unreleased Songs & More


Rock and roll’s own Gene Simmons, the “Demon” himself, has yet another fabulous marketing idea that he has turned into a hardcore, dollar-sign reality. KISS fans (but Sir Simmons’ in particular) can now enjoy The Vault (think ultra, super-duper, box set galore) for a whopping price of $2,000.

The Vault features 150 unreleased songs on 10 compact discs of Gene’s solo material, a leather-bound photo album, a larger-than-life medallion with the phrased “In Gene We trust” engraved on it, and an action figure of Simmons (unmasked).

Yes, there is more: for an extra $50,000, Simmons will deliver the 38-pound silver matte vault to your own doorstep via the “Home Experience” package, though Pitchfork has humorously reported that “some scheduling and travel restrictions may apply.”

Of course, for just half the price fans can experience the in-studio package titled the “Producer Experience” where they can spend some quality time with Simmons in the studio and hear even more unreleased material.

Simmons posted a link to the official commercial for The Vault, which you can scroll down to watch.

In an interview with Big Issue in 2016, Simmons shed some light on the entire concept and growth of his KISS Empire.

“With KISS merchandising,” he said, “it’s like the world eventually caught up with me. When we started with fan clubs and licensing and merchandise, it was considered not to be credible. But I questioned who had the authority to define what was credible. All the biggest iconic artists of all time couldn’t read or write a word of music. We learn by ear. We don’t have qualifications. Rock ’n’ roll has no credibility. Classical musicians, jazz musicians – they have credibility. The idea of rock ’n’ roll has always been, forget the rules and do whatever you want.”

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