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George Clinton: P-Funk Will Carry on When He Retires



There were some of us that groaned the day George Clinton announced his retirement earlier this year, we thought that signaled the end for Parliament-Funkadelic….. But, not so fast.

The man himself has just given an interview that revealed this is far from the case, and that George intends to keep the collective going without him following his final shows in 2019. He said “They’ll still be funkin’ long after I stop.”

Clinton told SFChronicle.com: “ I’m going to get a movement going with the new kids in the band, some of my grandkids. We got the group geared up. It’s a project. I’ll be doing the records and working with them from the studio. The kids have so much energy, they make me have energy.” He added: “the group will still be there. I’ve got my grandkids, their friends, and my daughter and son in the group. I’m on the P-Funk All-Stars now.”

He explained that the band’s focus had changed into a “whole new thing” over the past three years, noting: “I follow them now.” Adding: “You know, I just had my 77th birthday. I’m about to be 78. It’s a good time. We got them on a roll. I’ve got new inspirations for the studio. I got a pacemaker put in so it’s time to sit my ass down.”

As proof the band is going forward, Parliament recently released their first album in 38 years, Medicaid Fraud Dogg. The album sets out to deal with big pharma companies and the threat they bring to individuals by its corporate policies.

Clinton also explained that the above had motivated him to continue pursuing future studio material and championing its cause. He said: “After getting off drugs myself, I can see how clearly the industry and the government work,” adding: “They’ve taken over all the patients that were on the street and made the whole public into willing participants of drugs.”

Check out Clinton’s current tour dates with further dates to be added in the near future.


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