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Glastonbury Issues Warning About Ticket Fraudsters


A warning has gone out to fans that have purchased tickets and will be going to the Glastonbury Festival 2019, DO NOT SHARE photos of their tickets across social media. The festival is getting closer and closer and tickets will be on sale soon. That being said, the festival’s organizers have issued a stark warning to ticket buyers to not upload their tickets on social media. This is to avoid them being scammed by fraudsters and to prevent fake tickets being made and sold.

Via their Instagram account, the good people at Glasto said the following: “Tickets for this year’s Festival are being sent out over the next couple of weeks,” adding: “When you do receive your tickets PLEASE DO NOT post photos of them online.”

In some good news for concert goers, Emily Eavis, one of Glastonbury’s organizer’s said that the festival was “ahead of schedule,” which is great news.


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