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Hundreds Of Fans Say Goodbye To Keith Flint


Yesterday saw fans of The Prodigy from just about all over the world gather in Essex in the UK for the funeral of Prodigy front-man Keith Flint.

In a story we posted last week, The Prodigy extended an invitation via Twitter for fans to “raise the roof for Keef” and fans responded in kind, lining the whole of the procession route with flags, music, and memories.

The service was held at St Mary’s Church in Bocking Essex and was a private affair, but for those stood outside the church, loudspeakers were installed and the service was broadcasted through the PA so that everyone was able to hear.

Outside the church alone there were hundreds of fans, in an extremely touching moment, they saw one of Flint’s dogs leading his coffin in through the church doors whilst the System Of A Down track “Aerials” was blasted through the PA.

As well as heartfelt tributes from Prodigy drummer Leo Crabtree and actor Paul Kaye, the songs “Days Like This” by Van Morrison, “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam and “A Message To You Rudy” by The Specials were piped through the PA system.

Keith Flint was found dead at his home in Essex on March 4th at the age of 49.


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