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July Brings The Final Countdown For Alice Cooper’s ‘Paranormal’


July is here, and along with it will come the long-awaited release of glam superstar Alice Cooper’s 10-track new album Paranormal, which lands in stores July 28.

Distributed via earMUSIC, Paranormal is a follow-up to Cooper’s 2011 record Welcome 2 My Nightmare and features major guest artists, such as drummer Larry Mullen of U2, bassist Roger Glover of Deep Purple, and guitarist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

Produced by longtime friend and collaborator Bob Ezrin (KISS, Phish, Peter Gabriel), the record comes with a bonus disc consisting of two new songs recorded with Cooper’s original band. The tracks are titled “Genuine American Girl,” and “You And All Of Your Friends.” It will also include a live recording of hits such as “School’s Out,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” performed in Columbus, Ohio in May of 2016.

In an interview with Brad Tolinski via Cooper’s official website, Cooper said, “Bob Ezrin and I wanted to break the mold. I said, let’s get 20 different ideas from 20 different places, put our spin on them, and go with whatever turns out the best.”

On Thursday, June 8, the shock rocker released the records first single “Paranoiac Personality” on his radio show Nights With Alice Cooper.

Regarding the definition of “paranormal,” Cooper said in a statement, “My definition of paranormal is something that is ‘other than normal’ or ‘alongside of normal. You could say my whole career has been that. I would look at what was normal and step left of it. That’s whatgets people’s attention. They’d listen to our music and see our show and say, “That’s so strange… oh, yeah, that’s so Alice.”

Paranormal is available for pre-order through iTunes and Amazon. A limited edition blood-red vinyl will be available only in independent record stores.

Listen to “Paranoiac Personality” below.

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