Of the newer breed of guitarists, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is perhaps one of the most recognized faces to wield a Les Paul. He prefers to play the Les Paul Junior to the big, beefy, Deluxe or Standard.BILLY JOE SQ

However, don’t let the size of this guitar fool you. Armstrong’s sound, and playing, really does pack a punch. Sounding like a throw back to the heady days of punk rock, his rhythm chops are second to none and his sound hits you like a freight train.

Billy’s main axe of choice is his 1956 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Junior that he calls “Floyd.” In an interview with Gibson.com in 2006, Billie Joe said, “I’ve got about 20 Les Paul Juniors from the ‘50s. I got anything from Specials to the regular single dog-ear pickup to the TV-colored, and sunburst,” said Armstrong. “I pretty much got all of the ones that they made basically from 1955 to 1959-1960.” With these kind of guitars at his disposal, Green Day and Billy Joe Armstrong will still tear it up for a long time to come.

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