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Les Paul Legends: Pete Townshend


As the singer/ songwriter of one of the greatest bands in rock, Pete Townshend plays as hard and inspirational as the Les Paul he wields. Lets face it, the man, who incidentally, had a move named after him (the windmill) is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most instantly recognizable figures.


Known more as a rhythm guitarist, Townshend still knows how to turn heads with his over the top, hard hitting style.

The Who’s albums and sound through the ’70s were stamped with Townsend’s Gibson Les Paul Deluxes. To underscore this, look no further than the classic Who documentary, The Kids Are Alright. In the film, you can see Townshend’s obsession with his Les Pauls, up close and personal.

As the creative force behind The Who, and as a producer, and a songwriter, Townsend is and was a rock ‘n’ roll icon. And by no means should his guitar be any less.

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