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Liam Gallagher Announces Release Date For New Album


It’s official, via social, Liam Gallagher has announced the release date of his second, and highly anticipated solo album ‘Why Me? Why Not.’

Gallagher posted on his Instagram account today, June 13th, and has informed his loyal following that the record is out on September 20th, and you can place pre-orders now via his website.

The clip uploaded to social features audio from Liam’s new single “Shockwave” that was recorded during the ex-Oasis’ intimate show in London last week.

As for the album’s title, that was revealed last week when a fan asked Liam directly about the phase which Gallagher had Tweeted last month, Gallagher replied: “It is indeed.”

Gallagher also revealed that the new album has been ready to roll since March of this year, and added that he had teamed up with an “an army of songwriters” in LA.

As Liam puts it, these are “20 new songs that will change your lives.”


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