Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Turns To Jazz. Kinda

It’s a long way from tracks like Chocolate Starfish but check this out, Limp Bizkit front-man Fred Durst hosts a jazz night at the Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood, California Every Thursday night, and some of the people that turn up are pretty unexpected, that being said, guess who was the latest star to turn up?

Walking on to the modest stage the latest big star to appear at Fred’s bash said: “I’m here to ruin the party. I’m so sorry,” that star just happened to be Lady Gaga.

Kicking off her set with Sinatra’s “Call Me Irresponsible” she then told the crowd: “My whole life, you know, I’ve been called irresponsible. It doesn’t make me so mad because it’s kind of true … and I like to hear the truth.”

Next up, she broke into “Fly Me To The Moon” saying: “You know this one. So, if you want to sing along, I won’t be offended.”

With this knowledge in hand keep the time and place in mind, The Black Rabbit Rose in Hollywood, California Every Thursday night. It’s the place to be.

Check out Gaga’s performance below:


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