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Listen to Primus’ New Single ‘The Seven’


Progressive rock trio Primus will release their upcoming ninth studio album The Desaturating Seven on Friday, September 29 via ATO Records.

The band has recently released a new single from their forthcoming new collection of work, which is titled “The Seven.”

With their last song “Lee van Cleef” having been released back in 2011 as an offering from their seventh studio album Green Naugahyde (released through ATO Records and Prawn Song), “The Seven” marks as the first to hear from the California-based group in six years.

The track is a three-minute jamboree of growly bass tones and theatrically delivered lyrics about goblins and the seven colors of the rainbow. Interesting? It gets better.

Frontman Les Claypool got the inspiration from a 1978 children’s book by Ul De Rico titled The Rainbow Goblins.

Having been a gift from his wife, Claypool modeled both the single and the new album concept after the eerie vintage story.

“The dark imagery and beauty of the art struck me immediately and I thought, ‘This would make good fodder for a piece of music,” he said via NME. “The use of color and darkness both in the paintings and the writing was compelling and now, near two decades later, the metaphor of greed, gluttony, and deceit vs unity of the masses is eerily relevant. I brought the notion to the Primus guys and they were all for it. Plus, I figured it’s about time someone brought ‘Goblin Rock’ back to the fold.”

Track listing for the record is as follows:

  1. The Valley
  2. The Seven
  3. The Trek
  4. The Scheme
  5. The Dream
  6. The Storm
  7. The Ends?

The Desaturating Seven is available now for pre-order.

Listen to “The Seven” below.

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