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Metallica Launch New Signature Skateboard


With summer around the corner, you’ll be looking for some serious outdoor time. Well, for all you skateboarding Metallica fans out there we have good news. The band has recently teamed up with one of the most iconic skateboard brands around, Dogtown, and created a spanking new signature skate deck.

The new board has the Metallica logo splattered above the Dogtown cross logo. So, if you’ve got $139.99 to spare, and you want to display your Metallica pride, order your deck now via Metallica.com.

The description on the site says the following:

“The inspiration for this collaboration came from the 1980’s Dogtown and Metallica skateboard shapes and graphics. The board shape and airbrush paint was designed by Jim “Red Dog” Muir and produced by Professor Schmitt at PS STIX. The graphic art was perfectly blended by Sean Cliver.

  • Graphic was silk screened the old fashioned way by Chicken at Screaming Squeegees.
  • Board measures 31.25” long by 10” wide with a 6.75” tail and 5” nose.
  • Ready to ride or display!


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