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New Foo Fighters Tour Promises Best Production Yet


Last night in Austin Texas, the Foo Fighters launched their North American tour in support of the band’s latest album Concrete and Gold.

This the band’s second US run to promote the album and for this leg of the tour the bands guitar player Chris Shiflett told the fans and press that the show will be totally updated, with heavy emphasis on the production side.

Foo Fighters

He told Rolling Stone. (Drummer), “Taylor Hawkins is on a giant drum riser that goes all the way into the lights at one point,” Adding: “The production’s the best I think we’ve ever had.”

When it comes to the band’s music, Shiflett said that over the last few months, tracks they are playing from Concrete and Gold, have started to evolve as they were playing them in the live set.

He explained: “Before the album came out, when we were doing a lot of festivals, we were doing really raw versions of the songs,” adding: “In the past few months, we’ve brought in some backup singers for the songs on the record that have a lot of layered harmony vocal parts. We’ve never really done anything like that before, and it sounds really good.”

And for those of you wanting to hear some of the new tracks live, we’ve been told to expect to hear “four or five” at the upcoming gigs.

Shiflett also said that when it come to the set, when it comes to Dave Grohl, he “tends to like to keep the show moving, but we’ll play some different songs to gauge how people react.”

That being said, he also explained: “We threw in [Concrete and Gold track] ‘Make It Right’ recently, which we haven’t been playing much. We have a little jam room backstage where we can warm up and run through anything new once or twice just to get the dust off it a little bit.”


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