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Nirvana’s ‘Live And Loud’ To Be Released As Download And Vinyl


Nirvana fans rejoice, for the first time ever, their highly acclaimed live album ‘Live And Loud’ will be available both digitally and on vinyl for the first time.

The live show was recorded at Seattle’s Pier 48 in 1993, and was originally recorded by MTV, and the recording was pretty much a follow-up to their iconic MTV Unpluggedset in New York City.

The band’s live set that night was originally released as ‘Live And Loud’ in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their classic ‘In Utero’ album released in 2013, and as of next month you can get it via streaming services and on vinyl for the first time on August 30th. The vinyl 2XLP vinyl will be released via Geffen/UMC.

Check out “Heart-shaped box” taken from MTV’s Live and loud below:


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