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Phish Wrap on ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Residency at Madison Square Garden


Phish, the iconic progressive rock jam band founded in Vermont in the early ’80s, have wrapped their 13-night residency at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.

Last night’s finale show was broadcasted live on SiriusXM’s Jam_ON channel.

The awesome four-piece performed a particularly special take on English ambient group Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place” this past Friday, August 4, that still has everyone talking. The song showed itself on Radiohead’s 2000 release of their fourth studio album Kid A, while Phish has clearly turned over ears on their clever rendition.

Live for Live Music called it “dark and ominous,” while also referring to as “weird,” though you can have a listen for yourself below.

The band had concocted an inventive concept for their summer residency at MSG, titling the string of performances held Baker’s Dozen, where each night involved a different sweet treat as the theme. Saturday, August 5, Phish indulged the audience with a “Boston Cream” themed night, covering an array of Boston and Cream songs.

Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke spoke with singer and guitarist Trey Anastasio this past May after the band’s residency in the historic arena had been announced. Fricke, inquiring about why the band posted all 13 dates at once as opposed to adding them throughout the summer, got a response reflecting on Anastasio’s personal draw to MSG, and the clever catch behind creating Baker’s Dozen.

“The idea was always ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ – buy 12, get one free. Traditionally, a residency is something that really works for people who improvise. You get used to the room; you get comfortable and loose.

“There is definitely an energy, definitely a sound at the Garden,” he continued. “It actually vibrates… The whole room goes up and down – so much so that the mic will swing back and forth and bump you in the nose. When people start dancing, the mic stand will sway, depending on the tempo.”

Check out Phish’s upcoming fall tour dates on their official website.

Fun fact: Yesterday, August 6, 2017, New York City’s Mayor’s Office declared the date (by official proclomation) “Phish Day.”

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