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Queen Biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Set to Begin Filming in September


Worldwide classic rock legends Queen have announced that their biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody will soon come to fruition, as filming will take place in September.

The award-winning British rock group posted the news on their official website this past Friday, July 14, stating that the site would be the best place to visit from here on for detailed updates, including announcements on casting, and whether or not Queen fans could potentially be called in to serve as extras for the film.

A portion of a statement pinned on the site read: “The film is now ‘as-close-as-that’ to start of shooting. Pre-production begins next week in the UK to prepare for start of principal photography in around London as soon as mid-September.”

Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor are set to executive produce the long-awaited biopic.

The film will feature actor Rami Malek, star of American thriller series Mr. Robot, who will star as singer and rock hero Freddie Mercury who served as Queen’s main songwriter and front man for 22 years.

Director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, Jack the Giant Slayer, Apt Pupil) was contracted into the project last November (along with Malek at the same time), and is set to direct.

“If you’ve ever seen Singer’s X-Men films, or the groundbreaking movie The Usual Suspects, you’ll know this is a director with extraordinary imagination and style. A perfect choice to recreate the fabulous Queen years which brought us such unforgettable moments as Live Aid, which we can reveal will be faithfully recreated for a key sequence the film…

“We’ve been 12 years on this trail,” May continued, “but I think we’re very close now to an announcement, which will signify that Fox has given the green light to actually supply the money. So yes, I think we’re very close.”

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