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R.E.M’s Peter Buck Releases New Project and Album


In what was fantastic news for R.E.M fans everywhere, earlier in the new year R.E.M founder member and guitar player, Peter Buck announced the formation of a brand new project. Buck and his new partner, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur, had formed a duo known simply as ‘Arthur Buck.’


This week, the duo released the details about their debut album. The self-titled release is due to drop on June 15th, and will be available on New West Records.

Peter Buck


The pair have been friends for well over a decade, and Arthur even opened up for R.E.M. way back in 2004 when the band were at its peak. Fast forward to 2017, and after a chance meeting between the two in Mexico they decided to book time in the studio. What followed was the bones of the material that eventually became the duo’s first album.


Buck seemed to be glowing when he spoke of the new collaboration: “It was all new songs, and it was spontaneous,” adding: “And the great thing about working that way was that it didn’t have to be anything in particular. It was liberated from any expectation. It was free.”

Recorded at Arthur’s studio in Brooklyn and Type Foundry Studio in Portland, Oregon, Arthur oversaw most of the production whilst the mixing was handed off to by Tchad Blake, who has previously worked with U2 and Pearl Jam.

Check out a sneak peak of the album below:

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