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Ray Davis Open to a Reunion with his Brother Ray


The feud between the Davis brothers has gone on so long that fans of the Kinks have all but given up hope of the brothers ever reuniting.

Ray & Dave Davis

Well there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Dave has recently said that he has plans for a new project, and that he would like to meet with brother, Ray, to discuss it.

Dave talked about the possibility of the two collaborating and said:  “Me and Ray spoke a couple of months back, and I’m going to go back to the U.K. at some point…I’m not sure exactly when.” Dave, who is on tour in the US right now added: “And we’re going to get together and try and work on some stuff. So we’re getting along all right.”

He also gave insight to his and Ray’s last conversation: “We talked about making some sort of video and performance, or, like, streaming. And we talked about refurbishing some old Kinks songs that we could mess around with and maybe turn them into something. [I]t’s a few alternatives that we got in mind.”

The pair had worked on demos together a few years ago, and Dave hinted that he certainly wouldn’t mind revisiting those ideas: “I still got them on my computer,” he points out. “I go back to them now and again, [and think,] ‘Hmm, could be good.’ So it’s not over till it’s over.”

At the ripe old age of 70, Dave also realizes that the two brothers are pretty busy with their own solo projects so time is also a factor.

Dave Davis’ tour winds up this Saturday, and after that, who knows?

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