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Roland CY-15R-MG Review


cy-15r-mg_top_mainLet’s get right to the point, this is a fantastic piece of kit and just goes to show quite how far V Drums have come over the last decade. The Roland CY-15R is a fantastic cymbal and really is the closest thing I’ve had to a real ride whilst playing on an electric drum kit. To be quite honest I may actually prefer it to my live set up.


So, this is the bit that I expect most people reading this review really care about, the performance.

Does it emulate a live ride like it says? The answer is yes and no. It does of course have a coating which gives sticks a different bounce back. But, that’s to be expected from anything V Drum related and the CY-15R-MG is no exception there. That said, the way it moves and wobbles does show that a fair amount of effort has been put into weighting it correctly to give a very good illusion of playing a live ride.

Taking it’s emulation of a live cymbal out of the mix however, it’s absolutely brilliant. Nothing that I’ve had on my set up has been quite this good and I’ve been using top end Roland gear for a while.

Whilst most of the use is through my TD20, we also tested with a Roland TD11 despite it not being listed as compatible. There were some limitations when running it through a TD11 and to get the best out of the cymbal it’s better to have one of the higher end rigs otherwise it still has a more natural playing feel.

On a minor personal note my acoustic ride’s are typically on the larger side so the cymbals 15” size could be a little bigger. That said a lot of people use V Drums due to space reasons so it’s understandable.


I’m not the lightest of touches for the most part so and I’ve bashed this around regularly for over a year now so I can say it’s pretty well road tested.


It could be a little quieter, and at low volumes you will be able to hear it clicking as you hit it. Still better than most electric cymbals.


The CY 15R is expensive. There is no denying that, so it’s not going to be for everyone. That said for those who can afford the price tag, and are either committed to V Drums or have a nice decked out live kit then it’s well worth it. There’s certainly a lot of cymbal here and I’ve not regretted the investment.

Technical Spec

  • 15-inch ride cymbal with realistic playing feel; designed with same inertia (movement) as acoustic ride cymbal
  • Selectable dual-trigger system (edge/bow or bow/bell) allows use as ride cymbal or large crash cymbal
  • Three-way triggering (edge/bow/bell) available with TD-20, TD-20X, TD-12, TD-9 and TD-4 modules. Also available with the TD-10 sound module equipped with the later version of TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board (TDW-1 with V-Cymbal Control)
  • Compatible with all Roland TD-Series/SPD-Series sound modules



A fantastic piece of technology worth every penny for the V Drummer who wants the best reflection of a real cymbal on the market. Although the price may exclude those with limited funds, or who don’t use an electric kit as their main set up. The CY-15R gets 9/10 from RMW.


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