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News—hot off the press—is that Arcade Fire bassist and guitarist, Tim Kingsbury, has branched out and is writing and recording a new side project called Sam Patch.

This was confirmed with the surfacing of a Pitchfork video of the band’s first show at Bar Le Ritz PDB in Montreal. Kingsbury was backed by a familiar presence in Arcade Fire drummer, Jeremy Gara, and, Basia Bulat on piano, guitar and vocals.


During a recent interview with Cult Montreal, Kingsbury explained that for the most part, the album was written in hotel rooms, or wherever he could find, while on the latest tour with Arcade Fire.— Let’s face it, you’ve got nothing but time when you’re traveling from city to city!

Interestingly, the project got its name from a 19th century American daredevil who jumped into Niagara Falls.

Describing the sound, Tim said it’s more evolved than rock music— as he puts it; it’s “weird” rock music. He said that it is more stripped down compared to the huge Arcade Fire sound we are used to hearing.

He went into detail about how he was able to work on these songs himself, as opposed to feeding off the band.

Tim experimented by starting with a nylon sting guitar and an old Vox keyboard and a Moog synthesizer with an arpeggiator and a drum machine. The unorthodox approach gave him a creative spark and the new songs fell into place.

With regards to the album, it has been mostly recorded at his home studio with additional production and instrumental work from John McEntire, a well-known producer and member of both Tortoise and The Sea and Cake.

Currently, Tim is focusing his efforts on completing the album, which is more than halfway done, and hasn’t thought about finding a label or touring yet. We can’t wait to hear more.

Photo: Véronique Côté

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