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Stocking Fillers for Musicians


Looking for some stocking fillers for the musician in your life? Want something that’s inexpensive, but shows you actually thought about their hobby even if it’s just something small. Well you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a few things you can pick up on the cheap that don’t require you know your 7A’s from 5B’s (drum stick sizes) or what super slinky means.

Stocking Fillers For Drummers

Here’s a couple of quick things for drummers:


Honestly no drummer should be without this, certainly helps when you’re at a practice space with completely battered heads, cheap effective and handy to have. You can get Moongel from Amazon.

Stick holders

Check to make sure that the drummer doesn’t already have them, but again these are incredibly useful and pretty cheap. Goes great in the kit bag, buy stick holders here.

Stick Tape

Now this is an odd one, if the guy throws his sticks round a lot it’s usually a technique issue, but let’s be fair that’s not always going to get worked on. Still the tapes pretty handy, it can cause blisters over a long period of time, but not bad for a live set to reduce risk. Buy it here.


There’s always some good books around, see our older post on books for musicians for advice. https:rockmyworld.com/christmas-countdown-our-favourite-reads/

Stocking Fillers For Guitarists and Bassists


There’s a good chance that they may have one of these, typically if they use a tuning pedal and don’t have one, these are pretty handy for carrying to places they’re not taking their pedal set up. Buy one here



Now there’s a lot that can be written here, so much we did an entire post on it. Read about that here.

Pick Holders

Picks get lost, somebody always forgets them at practice, don’t let your guitarist be “that guy” this should guarantee that issues avoided. Buy one here.


Honestly this may be more of a present for you than your guitarist, it allows them to plug headphones straight into their guitar and get the effects and sounds of an amp. In a variety of styles we recommend the AC30 for guitars and the Bass model for Basses. VOX AP2BS amPlug Bass G2 Guitar Headphone Amp




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