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The Strokes Rock A London Stage For The First Time In 4 Years


The Strokes provided the headline set at the All Points East festival in London’s Victoria Park yesterday. As always, the band delivered but alas the sound did not.

Sound problems aside, the band was performing their first UK show in four years, and the gig was a trip down memory lane as the band played the hits that made them. The only downside about playing London’s parks these days are the inforced volume levels, the volume was shall we say, polite, and the crowd was heard in-between songs chanting ‘Turn it up! Turn it up!”

The band still killed it, but unfortunately for one of the opening act for the sold-out Saturday audience, Interpol, their support slot on the second stage was marred by the band being virtually inaudible.

The event continues today with Christina and The Queens headlining, and let’s hope the sound guys get it together by the time the festival comes to a close.


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