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Watch The New Video For The 50th Anniversary Of ‘Space Oddity’


David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ turned 50 last week, and so did the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and in celebration, a beautiful new video has been released.

The video was uploaded to the singer’s official website and contains so wonderful, never before seen clips of Bowie performing at his 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden in 1997. Tim Pope directed the video, is also cut with classic studio footage from Bowie’s 1990’s Sound & Vision tour.

Rolling Stone reported that the video premiered at a commemorative NASA event at Washington, DC’s Kennedy Center on Saturday (July 20th). When the track was originally released, it was only a few days prior to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touching down on the moon on July 20th, 1969, and the song quickly became the soundtrack to the BBC’s coverage of the historic event.

As well as the new video, the track is the 2019 remix of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, which is part of the 7-inch EP box set that was recently released.

Check out the video below:


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