Weezer Write A Track For NASA


Ah yes, if you’re a regular to Rock My World, you’ll know we’re big fans of alt rockers Weezer.

Never taking the normal route, only a band like Weezer would write a song for NASA. Yes that’s right, NASA.

Let’s face it; the band’s singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo hasweezer sq the appearance of a man who could be working at Kennedy Space Center; overseeing the next round of US space exploration.

The new track is called “I Love the USA” and it was released this week, just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations.

As always with Cuomo’s writing, the singer bares his soul with his truly honest lyrics about his love of his country of birth.

If you’re in any doubt as to what Cuomo is saying, then here’s the chorus: “I love the USA/f*ck yeah, this place is great.” As for the rest of the song, Cuomo tells it like it is. An ode to the America he loves.

The singer had actually written the song prior to the band being asked to be involved with the landing of the Juno spacecraft, but the track fit perfectly.

Via the band’s website Cuomo said: “We were on tour abroad, and it got me thinking a lot about America, which lead to me write ‘I Love The USA’.” He added, “When Apple and NASA asked us to be involved with Juno’s historic landing on July 4th, this song seemed like the perfect fit.”

As a footnote, the track is a single only, and it’s not included on the band’s latest album. You can buy it on iTunes, and you can check out the track below.

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