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RMW Christmas Countdown: Vox Active Headphones



As with all our Santa’s Sack posts we’re looking at some of the best gifts for musicians and music lovers this Christmas and testing them out. And these have to be one of our favourites, the Vox AC30 Active Headphones.

Yup that’s right, active headphones. That means no need for an amp when you just want to play by yourself. Take your guitar anywhere and just plug your headphones into the jack and play.

Whilst we can only vouch for the AC30’s, there’s a whole range on offer designed for different sounds and even a set for Bass.

How Useful Are Vox Active Headphones

That really depends on whether or not the person you’re buying for happens to have an Amplug (also made by Vox and a slightly cheaper alternative). If they do, then these may be a bit wasteful. That said, they do function well as normal headphones with fantastic sound quality and look fantastic as you’d expect. However, their real value isn’t really going to come from their portability. It comes more from convenience.

You’ll probably find that these see most of their use in and around the home. They’re certainly a lot less fiddly than the mess of plugging into your amp and your headphones into the amp.

They’ve got a cool set of effects built in and the guitarist in your life is going to, at a very minimum, find these to be a handy option over moving his amp to different rooms or faffing with jack to mini jack adapters when you want to avoid being disturbed.


Are they better than Amplugs?

These things are great and they are preferable to the Amplug. That said, there isn’t really much in it. Aside from the fact that it’s doubtful the headphones will get mislaid quite as often. If you happen to have good headphones already, we’d recommend the Amplugs. If not, then the Vox Active Headphones range are fantastic.

You can get both Amplugs and Vox Active Headphones from Gear 4 Music


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