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Will we go Nuts over Motley Crue’s Super Bowl Ad?


As we told you last month, Motley Crue posted a teasing message on Twitter that eluded to something big happening around Super Bowl Sunday. Well, all can be revealed.

One of the bands biggest hits “Kickstart My Heart” will be used as the soundtrack to Planter’s new Super Bowl ad.

30 seconds in all, the prime time spot will see Mr. Peanut driving like a lunatic to help out ex-baseball player Alex Rodriguez who is having a major snack crisis.  With A-Rod weighing up whether he has to eat kale chips, Mr. Peanut saves the day in seriously epic fashion.

Plus, for whatever reason Charlie Sheen makes an appearance. We can only assume he was walking by and gave his services for cheap.

Ok, so it’s not the big trailer that Crue fans we hoping for, it would probably be hard to find any clip from the movie that would be family-friendly enough, but, it’s Motley Crue, and it’s “Kickstart My Heart,” and we’ll take it.

Check out the video for the ad below:


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