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X Factor Xmas, Can Saara Win?


The Finn done good….Saara Aalto has broken what is being enthusiastically described as a “major record” by being the first act in X Factor history to be in the sing-off in Week One yet progress all the way to the semi-final.


While she’s not going to be winning a Nobel Prize anytime soon, such a reversal of fortunes does actually have precedent in the show – namely in the form of Rylan Clark-Neal, and (whisper it quietly) Chico.  While neither of those gentlemen went on to win – Saara genuinely does have a chance.  Namely – she is talented and the world loves an eccentric ballad-loving underdog.

It’s Christmas Week (thanks to the very clever random jukebox) and along with Saara the remaining contestants are Matt Terry, 5 After Midnight, Emily Middlemas – one remaining act for each of the judges.  Matt has long been the favourite to win….but that’s not necessarily a sure thing; let’s face it – 2016 has not been a year where the UK population has adhered to voting expectations.

5 After Midnight are pulling out all the prop-stops and will be incorporating an actual sleigh into their performance, but sadly they are expected to be the losers this week.


Christmas Week Songs

Matt: Silent Night and Say You Love Me …. A whopping effort to secure his Wembley spot

Emily: War is Over and Mad World … both very much “on brand” for her

Saara: All I Want For Christmas is You and Chandelier … she’s bravely going back to her audition song

5 After Midnight: Stay Another Day and Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Is East 17’s ever-popular song enough for the boys?


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